Randex BV

Randex is a private owned company, established in 1987 and active in the recycling, worldwide. Randex has build a broad and overall experience in: 

* shredder, press and shear production

* floatation and dry seperation processes

* iron scrap, non-ferro metals, plastics as well as different waste streams

* car-, truck- and busdismantling

* trade and logistiscs

mainly in Europe, the Middle East and accross Asia

Besides the handling of own import, export and transito of secundary raw materials or used recycling machinery, Randex is appointed by well known companies in the recycling for several different (re-)organisations, troubleshooting and long or short term (interim)management, worldwide! These projects range from small private companies on a single location, to large stocklisted entities spread over multiple locations.
To realise this business in a proper way, Randex has the necessary licenses and registrations.